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Our New Global Dimensions. - Original Global Outlook. We know how to proceed with our business, absorbing all best practices in the world as our own while respecting the locally prevailing practices.

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we share a corporate culture of mutually respecting individuals abilities and in turn helping on another grow. Our growth is our client growth

Because energy matters

Global - Local

Local energy suppliers

Bovis’ trading serves a network of national and privately owned trading houses and organisations across the globe thus we have developed a trading network of middle distillates/upstream with a wide range of products /suppliers in Europe and West Africa. This allows us to reliably market those products within Europe and beyond. With our suppliers being insured by Lloyds of London amongst others, we ensure by proxy cargo and its contents delivery


Whist our trading activities cover a vast geographical area, we have thus far focused our core trading activities in Europe and West Africa. Bovis have recently begun trading Crude and its vast derivatives within Europe, West and Southern Africa. The majority of our grades would be in the Sweet grade African exports of crude with its low sulphur content. We will be trading in Term and Spot basis within these markets. We will always seek out new opportunities within niche markets globally.

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With refined products, Bovis trade more prominently Jet Gasoil gasoline diesel and Kerosene. With a key market being supply to West Africa, our operations involving trading these products, most especially gasoline diesel and Kerosene are predominately within this region. Gasoil and Jet will be traded within Europe and with our growing network of independent trading companies and clients the outlook for further trading activities within Europe and beyond has increased significantly.

Additional products such as Bitumen Fuel oil and other specialised products such a biofuels present trading opportunities Bovis will pursue and expand on through relationships that complement our core business structure


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The combination of business focus and technology expertise makes Bovis a unique player in the energy consulting/trading arena—and the right choice for some of the most distinguished names in the industry.

Bovis focuses where it has the most expertise, the most industry veterans, and the most significant problem-solving experience—trade services. We thoroughly understand your business. That means better results, faster results, and more meaningful results





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