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Tom H.C Anderson

Our professional status and our signing of good conduct charter give us the status of eligible trader in the downstream community, as such; upstream suppliers can rely on us to engage marketing projects for crude and its derivatives.



Odd one In

With a strong presence in West Africa and an ever growing network in Europe, Bovis welcome talking to production and trading companies who have volumes to market



Our marketing solutions are supported by our deep insight into various industries and diversified yet extensive experience acquired over the years from supporting our clients as partners in their business transformation. We offer the industry solutions that address the unique challenges of our clients, industry and business, and meet their needs in various sub-sectors of the downstream market. We provide the best solutions for strengthening global market competitiveness. Fully utilising the benefits of being a global consulting firm with its origins in London, we support the global strategies of our clients to enhance their international competitiveness

We provide practical services that solve the issues facing the manufacturing and consumer business industries whether the challenge ins global supply chain restructuring; setting business, operations and systems strategies; fundamental work renovation utilising EPC; systems integration accompanying mergers and acquisitions; strategic procurement; or implementing supplier management.



As clientele database grows, this provides a unique agreement that promotes partnership


As our clientele database grows, this provides a unique agreement that promotes partnership between both private and public sectors which enables utilisation of a wide variety of assets and services available in the private sector. The objective is to improve the quality and quantity of public sector capital products, and to also provide more efficient public services.



Our service line has a line-up of experiences specialists’ and provides unique, practical and comprehensive services in each area, including corporate strategy implementing, operating and maintaining trading relationships. We solve the challenges faced by our clients with seamless and end-to-end services and vigorously endorse business diversification

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