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Is my vehicle compatible with PMS?/AGO

Before using PMS/AGO for the first time, you need to check that your vehicle is compatible with this fuel. Consult the official list of vehicles which can use this fuel.

If the information provided on this site is not sufficient, you need to contact a representative of the brand of your vehicle.


Filling Stations


With you on the road


Bovis Oil, a Sister to Bovis Group Inc. runs service stations in Nigeria under the Bovis banner, including motorway service stations across East Nigeria

Our presence in Nigeria is constantly growing since 1999 and with our plans of expansion into neighbouring Ghana, we have been ensuring that our entire network benefits from the advances and progress of each subsidiary.

There is always a good reason to take a break in a Bovis service station! The shops, restaurant options and bread and cake counters are the reasons why we think you will find all you need when you call in to see us.

As part of its active research Bovis works with indigenous suppliers to develop high quality fuels and lubricants, helping to improve engine efficiency and service life, reducing fuel consumption at the same time



Products dedicated to vehicle maintenance

Maintenance, vehicle care, products for bodywork, for plastics, for driving safety.

Because quality maintenance guarantees a better service life for your vehicle and helps it keep its value.

In our service stations, you will find a comprehensive range of products selected with care from our suppliers:

- either because their products have proven their worth on the market,

- or because they meet our demanding standards (screen wash or brake fluids, for example).



Find out more about our new ranges of lubricants. For each application, there is always a suitable product which guarantees high performance, a long service life, the complete satisfaction of users and absolute respect for the environment.


  • TOTAL QUARTZ 7000 10W-40
  • TOTAL QUARTZ 7000 15W-50
  • TOTAL QUARTZ 9000 0W-30
  • PTOTAL QUARTZ 9000 5W-40
  • TOTAL QUARTZ 9000 FUT. NFC 5W-30
Best perfromance

The Best for your Engine

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With the quality fuels formulated you are choosing safety, not only in terms of efficiency, but also environmental protection and the service life of your engine.

With Bovis Oil, you can drive with peace of mind: your engine is benefitting quite simply from the latest technological advances!


In Nigeria, unleaded petrol is classed as PMS. These products are available in all Bovis Oil service stations. Bovis Oil works with local suppliers with aims to improve the performance of your engine and its service life and to reduce its impact on the environment, with our petrol you have the benefit of high-performance. The purpose is to protect your engine from deposits and to ensure optimum combustion. The metal surfaces in contact with the petrol are protected from corrosion. Unleaded PMS is a new fuel containing up to 5% ethanol, in accordance with the European specifications.


Bovis Oil works with research department of its supplier constantly developing an innovative, sulphur-free diesel fuel (Nigerian AGO) with biocomponents and a significantly higher cleaning effect on the injection system of diesel engines. It improves the performance of both new and old-generation diesel engines.

In comparison to typical AGO, the formula for the new product contains a range of performance-enhancing components, in addition to more highly effective cleaning additives. These not only prevent the formation of deposits on fuel injectors ('keep clean effect'), but also tackle existing sedimentation ('clean-up effect'). Through the continuous use, the output power of diesel engines can be reinstated as far as possible. It improves the performance of all new and older-generation diesel engines. In addition to this, the new formula protects the fuel lines, combustion chamber and the injection system from corrosion, thus extending the engine's service life. The low- sulphur fuel with biocomponents also contributes to a reduction in emissions.


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