How we run the business

Bovis Group

Because Energy Matters


A business has to be involving, it has to be fun, and it has to exercise your creative instincts



Richard Branson




  • Building trustworthy, long term business relationships
  • Striving for business excellence in all areas – at all times
  • Treating customers and employees with the utmost respect
  • To cope with laws and other relevant legal issues 100% at all times
  • Respect cultural differences and learn from each other



  • To differentiate by modelling all opportunities of a business idea
  • To bridge cultural business gaps by applying transparent professionalism
  • To timely measure the potential of a business opportunity
  • To focus on profitable and / or strategically important projects
  • To make use of professional project management
  • Excellent analytics, high process speed, sustainable presentations




The Bovis Group i.d


Freud defined id as the primary source of instinctive energy and impulses in individuals. Bovis Group’s organizational id springs from the combined efforts of our people, customers, and suppliers, and shapes the way that we work with each other and the way Bovis conduct business. Furthermore, Bovis id represents a commitment to enhance the unique elements and qualities that encourages our customers to continue developing relationships with us. Bovis utilize the philosophy of id in everything that we do—from the development of their strategic plans to the way we welcome and work with our people, customers and suppliers. Id is our foundation stone.

Attitudes and Expectations


Like any other company, Bovis strives to be commercially successful. We do that by providing effective solutions that enhance their clients’ success. Unlike many other companies, Bovis works diligently to nurture a values-based global culture that optimizes our people for success on both the business and personal level.

Our people-oriented culture fosters creativity, growth, commitment to clients, and retention. Our organizational culture is a key factor.

Maintaining Bovis Group culture in the fast-changing information technology sector is not easy. Bovis focuses on developing their culture because it separates us from their competitors and makes us a better partner with key stakeholders.

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