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Today’s leaders must be partners with their peoples.



With growing strategic partnerships we are currently engaged in the following world regions

  • Southern Europe
  • Nothern Europe
  • Western Europe
  • Southern Africa
  • Western Africa
  • Nothern America
  • Asian Pacific




Bovis Group has developed a proprietary network utilizing the strengths of its core trading in Europe and Africa.

We provide service that fits the local conditions to clients in every region and clients looking for success in the global market Building a global business infrastructure requires familiarity with the region in which the infrastructure is to be developed, as well as extensive knowledge of the industry and services. Bovis provides high value-added service through our unique network by organically combining these elements. At the same time, we ensure uniform business quality at a global level using out proprietary methodology, which has been proven through years of experience.

In addition to our unique network, our offshore development centres and strategic alliances with powerful partners in major regions around the world allow us to provide quality, cost-effective services anywhere in the world

We support and aid global expansion of our clients through close service cooperation with all our alliance partners through the world. In Europe Asia, Africa and the America’s. Working with our major partners mainly in Europe and Africa, we provide integrated global and regional services within the energy market and construction/infrastructure through to operations management, and integration

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